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Pine Tar Soap Earthly Soapgoods
Pine Tar Soap Earthly Soapgoods

Pine Tar Soap

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Gentle for even the most sensitive skin.

Uncle Andy's Pine Tar Soap


Pine Tar Soap: The Benefits of Use,

It is said to have antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities and is useful to soothe and treat symptoms of poison ivy, oak, and sumac. Pine soap, is also used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis; it relieves the itching caused by bug bites.


✨️Uncle Andy came to us with a serious psoriasis outbreak. He had been using Pine Tar Soap previously, but the company he was using had recently closed down. 

We created this skin loving formula just for him. Which is why we call it, Uncle Andy's Pine Tar Soap. According to his review, this soap is even better than the one he was using previously. 

If you know someone who suffers from psoriasis or other dermatitis issues. This soap may be worth  a try.

This Soap Is Coconut Oil Free! 

4.5oz bars

Each bar comes individually wrapped and labeled 


Ingredients, Lard, olive oil, water, sodium hydroxide, pine tar, castor oil, shea butter.

Not intended to treat or heal and disease. Not fda approved.