About Us

Earthy Soap Goods LLC is a small family business located in Monterey Louisiana.

Handcrafted Soap, Candles & Spiritual Treasures

Originally founded in 2015 in Navarre Florida. 

Found at Navarre Farmers Market,  Pensacola Healthy Food Stores


About the Owner/Formulator,    Irene Nicole

As long as I can remember, I've always wanted to help people. When I was younger I went into the healthcare industry starting at the bottom as a CNA. Only to find out my heart couldn't handle the sad realities of nursing home care. I didn't handle the job well, nor did I last very long. As life passed on I decided to give health care another try, but in the pharmacy technician department.  I really loved this career field, but what I loved about it most was crafting. I soon found my love for compounding and creating products. Within a few years I was making candles, lotion bars, soap & anything I could get my hands on.

As time passed on and we raised our children.  2014, I was just learning more about how bad certain body & personal care products actually are. There are thousands of products on the market that are actually bad for your skin. Mostly harsh department store soaps, full of synthetic ingredients, harsh detergents, & parabens. When I first realized this I was blown away and wanted to do something about it.  I just couldn't believe that the store was selling bad products. 

That is when my husband & I decided to create our Earthly Soap Goods LLC. A small family soap business with natural soaps, without all the harsh detergents and filler ingredients.

Since then our business has grown tremendously & we are so thankful!

We greatly appreciate each & everyone of our customers. We are truly blessed to be able to do what we do!   Thank you for your support!