Oatstraw & Nettle Leaf Tea Earthly Soap Goods
Oatstraw & Nettle Leaf Tea Earthly Soap Goods

Oatstraw & Nettle Leaf Tea

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🍃Loose leaf tea blends

Organic Oatstraw & Nettle Leaf Tea

Each pack contains 1oz of our herbal blend with 12 unbleached biodegradable self-fill teabags.

Main bag is also biodegradable & compostable.


Here is a little bit of herbal info on each herb.


🍃Oatstraw (Avena sativa -Latin name)

Family-grass family (Poaceae)

 Tastes slightly sweet & refreshing 😋 

This wonderful herb contains high amounts of magnesium, iron, calcium, proteins, vit B complex, vitamins A, C, E & also K.

Actions- (herbalist uses) antidepressant, aphrodisiac, blood tonic, helps the nervous system, demulcent(relieves inflammation & soothes the mucous membranes)


🍃Nettle ( Uritica dioica)

Family- stingling Nettle family (urticaceae)

Taste slightly green 😋 

This wonderful herb contains high amounts of Vitamins A, C, E & K, calcium, chromium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, iron, protein, histamine & chlorophyll. 

Actions- (herbalist uses) antihistamines, antioxidant, blood tonic, decongestant, kidney tonic, circulatory tonic, antiseptic, hypoglycemic(can lower blood pressure), carminative(can relieve gas, bloating & pressure).


🍃To make

Add 1-2tsp herb into herbal tea bag. 

Bring 8oz of water to a boil. Remove water and pour directly into cup, over the herb bag. 

Let steep for 8-10 minutes

For maximum nutritional benefits- Let it sit for at least 4hr or overnight. 


Above are just a few things these herbs are good/known for. Drinking a few cups of this tea a week can greatly improve your health. 


(Do not drink this while pregnant)