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Nervous System Support, Summer Tea Blend Earthly Soap Goods
Nervous System Support, Summer Tea Blend Earthly Soap Goods

Nervous System Support, Summer Tea Blend

Earthly Soap Goods
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🌿Nervous System Support, Summer Tea Blend


Sm, 1oz bag

Med 2oz bag

Taste: mild lemon, refreshly crisp tea blend.

Best sweetened with stevia, honey or sugar


This wonderful tea blend is made to Support & boost the nervous system. While also tasting delicious providing us with the essential nutrients our body needs to thrive. 

Lemongrass is one of my most favorite herbs for drinking & cooking. It can be a blessing for digestive tract spasms, & bloating, stomachaches, fever, anxiety & more.


Paired with Oatstraw, it is an excellent source of calcium, iron,phosphorus, magnesium & selenium. It also contains amino acids such as lysine, tryptophan, & more. 


Nettle Tea, is known to reduce inflammation. Nettle is full of vitamins & minerals that include, Vit A, B, C, K. Iron, phosphorus , & amino acids. 


ginger tea can help with nausea, digestive issues. It has potential to be anti-inflammatory, anti-viral & more. 


Lemonbalm tea is traditionally known to help improve mood, slow cognitive decline, and decrease anxiety levels. Full of antioxidants, Vit C, vit E & zinc.

This tea is made to be drank iced/cold, but can also be drank as a hot tea.


Steep each batch up 15-20 minutes for best flavor. 


For maximum nutrition: Steep for 3 hours or more before straining. Can also be made the night before. Letting steep overnight before straining. 


For maximum use of herbs: herbs can be used up to a max of 3 times. Use entire package to make a pitcher of tea. Make tea and Steep like usual. Drain with cheesecloth and use the same herbs again for another round. Do this 3 times until you've filled your pitcher.

For easier use, try a French press. 


"This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."