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Irish Sea Moss Earthly Soap Goods
Irish Sea Moss Earthly Soap Goods
Irish Sea Moss Earthly Soap Goods

Irish Sea Moss

Earthly Soap Goods
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Gold Irish Sea Moss

1oz makes 24oz/32oz of gell


Irish Sea Moss 

1oz Bags

Create a 24-32oz jar of gel with just 1oz of this dried sea moss!




1. Wash off sea moss thoroughly, removing sand and debris. 

2. Take clean sea moss and place in some warm water. This can be tap water or bottled water. (This first round of water is mainly to clean and plump up your sea moss.)

3. After seamoss has been sitting in water for 1-2 hours. It should look plump and soft. Take sea moss and place into blender. Add 3 cups of warm water & blend. This will be your seamoss gell. You can replace this warm water with juice or anything you like. But remember, it must be warm enough to break up the seamoss.


If your seamoss isn't blending well enough. You can dump it all into a pot to warm it up on the stove. Then cool a bit to blend a again. 


This will last for about 2wks in your refrigerator. 

You can eat this, add it to smoothies. Add it to bathwater, enjoy a cool facial with this gell. The possibilities are endless. Just have fun with it. 😁


This is Jamaican Irish Sea Moss , From Jamaica.