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Making Fire Cider

Have you ever made fire cider?      

Making fire cider

I came across a recipe in my school books a few weeks ago for making fire cider. I was really interested in making it, but not this exact recipe that was in my books. I felt like it was missing something for my own taste. So, I went to search the trusty internet where I found so many recipes I was a little confused. So, we went back to my original recipe and just tweeked it to add what I wanted.

As I searched for ingredients at my local grocery stores, I noticed I was not finding horseradish anywhere. I did find some gross jar of prepared horseradish, but that is completely different and has no use here. So, I ended up ordering some horseradish powder on Amazon.

After my horseradish powder came in, I was ready to get to work. Here is the recipe I used.

I used a half gallon wide mouth mason jar.  I prefer this size mason jar because they are easy to work with. The wide mouth makes it easy to remove the ingredients once it's ready.

2 Oranges

2 Red Onion

2 Lemon

2 Limes

7 Cloves of garlic(pieces)

5 Cayenne Peppers Dried

1 Ginger Root Med Size

1oz Horseradish powder

1TBSP Turmeric

Rosemary dried

Sage dried

Apple Cider Vinegar


Place all your chopped ingredients into the clean jar. Mix your turmeric powder & Horseradish powder with your apple cider vinegar in a separate container. Pour into main jar once well mixed. Add remaining Apple cider vinegar to fill the jar to the top.

Cover with parchment paper in-between the lid and the liquid. This will keep your lid from getting rusty.

Leave jar in a cool dark place for 3-4 weeks. After 3-4 weeks, strain liquid wearing gloves & add warm honey to taste. It is best to add at least 1/4 of your liquid amount in honey or half liquid half honey in equal parts.

Bottle, label & Enjoy! Your fire cider will keep for several months unrefrigerated, but it tastes best when stored in the refrigerator.  

Use a small shot glass with a little bit of water when taking your fire cider.

Add 1-3 tsp of fire cider into a shot glass of water.

Fire Cider is a type of oxymel, which is an herbal remedy. An oxymel is a vinegar base mixed with honey. They can be quite sweet and bitter at the same time. This fire cider can help with digestion, while also warming up the body up on a cold winter day. 

Fire cider is a pungent tonic that helps prevent and address symptoms of cold and flu, while enhancing your immune system.

Be sure to make yours today!  

Happy crafting! 

-Irene Nicole

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